What should not be bought at a second-hand store?

There is nothing wrong with buying something at a second-hand store, as long as you pass it on to someone else. Indeed, the winter clothes that your child no longer wears may be passed on to younger siblings or other children. What would that look like?
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1. Cribs
These are often sold in second-hand stores, especially online, but there are many reasons not to. One is for the safety of your child. It is important that the mattress, as well as the structure, is solid, which is why you should always buy new. In any case, it is not advisable to give your baby an old crib that someone else has used before you.

2. Baby safety car seats
These should also be even safer than the crib. Better to pay extra for quality and safety than to regret it later.
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3. Shoes in general
Not just because they are inconvenient. Used boots may be worn out, have a different setting because they have been acclimated to the owner\’s feet, have a bad slope, or don\’t fit well to the body, from which damage to the sole can be removed. Furthermore, you don\’t know if the person who wore the shoes first has an infection or viral skin disease. [Cosmetics have expiration dates. We do not know how old the cosmetics are or how they were treated. In addition, you can contract all sorts of cold sores, viral diseases, and various bacteria from cosmetics, which can ruin your skin or cause serious damage to your eyes and hair.

5. Fundamentally new mattresses
As a matter of principle. Mattresses will go belly up within a year of use, even if they are old. The irony is that saving money does not pay off. This certainly does not apply to mattresses. Moreover, mattresses can be carriers of a variety of diseases.