What fashion accessories can’t be missed in summer

The summer tunic, the kaftan

There is perhaps no better symbol of bohemian style than the kaftan. The Ottoman sultans wore gorgeous kaftans. Take inspiration from them and get yourself a kaftan. You can embellish it with embroidery, stones, or lace. Wear it over a swimsuit at the beach or with denim shorts in the city.

Tip: Find something original and that perfectly represents you


Handbags woven from straw or rattan

Bags and purses you have only carried on holiday. From now on, you can easily take them out on the town or with you to work or other everyday wear. Choose the right size so that you can fit everything you need in it. There are countless variations: fringed, colorful, decorated, etc.

Tip: Spice up your handbag by tying your favorite scarf to your ears

Slippers, espadrilles, and sandals

Forget rubber flip-flops and popular crocs. Trends proclaim a return to nature, so choose quality natural materials with an emphasis on craftsmanship and handmade. Choose styles that suit your personality. Is it sporty or minimalist?


Swimwear with a higher waist

A few years ago, everyone at the pool would have looked at you as if you were a cheeky 80s swimsuit model. In the 90s, on the other hand, hips were the preferred choice for both swimsuits and jeans. Now, the high waist is back in the spotlight. The high waist looks good on apple- or pear-shaped women. Its advantage is that it hides a full belly and gives the owner confidence. Are you distrustful of the high waist? If so, you are the one who should try it. I guarantee you won\’t want anything else.

What else can you add to be chic and enjoy summer

  • Fine sunglasses that protect your eyes and serve as a stylish fashion accessory
  • Straw hats, also protect you from the sun,
  • Straw hats, which protect you from the sun and make you feel like a star of the French Riviera,
  • Minimalist jewelry. Put the heavier, larger pieces in the closet for a while and pull out the simple, delicate pieces for mixing and layering
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